Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Jill!

Well friends, I am almost unofficially done with finals!  After tomorrow afternoon's final, I only have one two hour easy-peasy exam and then I am officially done.  Let me tell you, it is about time too!  For example, my brain has decided that everytime I read a computer screen, I must have a headache and I mean head. ache. in a big way.  I've come to the conclusion that law school is out to make me blind, just like justice.

However, one very big reason that finals need to be over now is that as of today, I am an Aunt! My sister-in-law Courtney just had a sweet baby girl a mere few hours ago.  Sounds like everything went great and everyone is doing great.  Since I found out about baby girl's arrival, I've been planning and making some great crafts for her.  I know right now I'm the only aunt she has, but that could be subejct to change and no offense to the could-be aunt, but I really want to seal the deal of favorite Aunt award!  That's mostly a joke, but seriously, I have to make up for being in a different state in some way! I am not above straight out bribery!

I'll give everyone a hint on her name:

Okay, that was kind of a trick; her full name is Jillian Rose.  So, to help her to spell her name and be a smarty before everyone else in her future classes, I made her these yarn wrapped letters.  I told Courtney my ideas and she helped me pick out the colors.

Believe it or not, wrapping these are harder than it seems.  There were times I'd be like, "ugh...which way do I wrap this now without it looking like a 2 year old did this?" Thankfully, it's easy to pick up and I finished these just in time for her arrival!  Lots of prayers, hugs and love to the new mom, dad, and daughter.  Can't wait to see you all soon!

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