Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooktacular: Ghosts Galore!

To continue Spooktacular I'm sharing a great way to decorate your house or party with a quick decoration - the floating ghost!

I would sarcastically say, "Spooky right?" but these actually did scare me the morning after I hung them up! *Note to self, remember what you decorate with* Of course, it also helps that I am very easily frightened - shock.  So here are the steps to making these floating fiends.

Idea came from here.

1. Assemble the essentials:
       Balloons (any color)
       Plastic Cups (you know, the infamous red ones)
       Heavy starch - don't worry, you won't be ironing anything!
       Black felt for eyes
       Thread, twine, floss - some sort of hanging device that fits through those tiny holes
       A sharp object for popping, or for terrorizing your dog with
2.  Blow up your balloon to desired size.  I liked mine at about 6-8 inches big.  Once you've done that chase your dog around with the balloon like a crazy.  Kora was not a happy person and will probably forever be frightened by balloons; that poor dog.
3. Put your balloon in your plastic cup and drape about an 8 inch square of cheesecloth over the balloon.  The cheesecloth doesn't have to be spot on; you can eyeball it.  I kind of think the more imperfect the better. After all, ghosts are like snowflakes right? Everyone's unique? Just me? Ya I did just make that up.  Spread the word though; that's how these things get started right?
4. Spray the cheesecloth with a generous portion of starch and let them dry.
5. In the meantime, cut out little scraps of felt for eyes.  I just freehanded them with the thought the more crazy the scarier.  I think my thought process was pretty spot on.
6.  When the cheesecloth is dry, glue on the eyes.  Allow the eyes to dry a bit and then pop with your sharp object.
7.  Get your hanging device.  In case you can't tell from the photos, I used blue thread and believe it or not, its really not too noticeable.  Run the twine through the holes of the cheesecloth and hang with horror!

Check back tomorrow for some other treats and have a "spooktacular" Friday!

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