Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooktacular: A Bootiful Wreath!

I have an obsession with holiday themed wreaths - which makes Mike roll his eyes.  I'm not sure what really began this obsession but it has taken over; I'm currently up to five wreaths and have evil plans to make more Mwah ha ha ha! That being said, I give you the Halloween wreath!

No, its not anything super exciting or scary, but that's okay with me - I'm not a big fan of all!
Basically what I did was wrapped a styrofoam wreath in yarn (duh! Tell you something you don't know right?) and made some cute little bunting.  Don't know how to make bunting? Easy; I'll tell you!

Draw a diamond like this: Draw a two inch horizontal line. Draw a dot in the middle of that line.  Measure two inches down from the middle point and two inches up from the middle point.  Connect the lines to make a diamond. Repeat for desired amount and cut out. Presto! You've got yourself some bunting! 

So attach that to your wreath after you glue it onto some kind of string.  I found those cute little pumpkins at Hob Lob and attached those babies right on! The end!

You've got yourself a boo-tiful wreath to hang on yo' house!  

I thought I'd also share with you what Kora did while I was making this.  She pretended that she was a cat and played with the yarn first and then she did this...

Yep.  She got herself stuck in the chair.  Hope you enjoyed the daily life at our household! Have a great weekend! 

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