Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello, Good Friend

[First off, 10 points to anyone who can correctly name the band who uses the post title as an album cover.  I may even send you something! ]

Hellooooooo audience.  It has been a very long while.  I hope that you have missed me because I have been very anxious to get back to you all!  This is a non-recipe post so if you're just in it for the food, I can respect that and will allow you to forego reading this post - just this once.

This post is all about New Years and whatnot. But before we get into that, let's recap my hiatus from studying the law. It's gonna be quick.  Ready? Here it goes

  • Went to the land of Okies and saw everyone.  And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.  We were at Norman, OKC, Tulsa, Lawton, Walters, and Edmond, which may not seem like a lot but we did it in about 5 days.  It was exhausting but great!
  • Went to Florida for a youth ministry conference. Yes, that's right Florida, in January.  It was glorious.  As our pulpit minister said, "Youth ministers are not stupid people".  I'd have to agree; we had a marvelous time.
  • Kora learned that she can get into the front yard from the backyard which prompted a mean call from our neighbors for animal cruelty.  Long story short, they thought our very spoiled dog didn't have shelter from the cold because they'd never been around the back of our house.  
  • Sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep. It was glorious.
  • Reading books not involving the law or anything close to the law. 

  Okay, now back to New Years (yes, I realize it is January 18th).  Don't worry, it won't be the obligatory, I-will-tell-you-all-my-resolutions-and-make-you-feel-guilty-for-not-making-any kind of a post (no offense to you all who share your resolutions).  This is more of a, I-have-something-in-my-head-I-want-to-share-so-I'm-going-to-because-this-blog-is-written-by-me.

Well, with that out of the way, here are some things I've been thinking.  My sister-in-law said something about having a "theme" for the year; some type of word or phrase to help you reach the goals you want for that year and it got me thinking.  [If you'd like to check out very adorable pictures of my very cute niece, check out my SIL's blog here].

So here's what I'm thinking: I'm not a big resolution person.  I don't like being resolute about something I may fail at.  Resolution to me has the connotation that you either pass or fail, trying has no value in resolutions, and I am a very results driven person.  I decided that "goals" are probably a better term, to me goals, give a lot of credit to trying.  Anyone with me? So, in my infinite Jessica wisdom decided that my goals seemed to have a theme, so I thought, why not just have a theme too? Well here it is people.

My theme for 2012 is stronger.  Let me elaborate before you silently gag to yourself.  When I say stronger, I mean physically (duh!), spiritually, and mentally stronger.  Last year was tough in many different ways and to make this year better, stronger is what I need to be.  Let me list it out for ya.

  • Physically:
    • I am a runner.  Don't get too awe-struck, I am a slow, laborious runner.  It takes me a looong time and I have to work at it continually.  It seems that my expectations with my physical abilities and the realities of such do not always line up.  Shock.  I want better.  Well this year I am running 2 half marathons and full marathon in 2013.  Half marathons, been there done that, but I've never felt like I've done my best, so this year, I want to do my best and who cares how others do in comparison.  As for the full marathon, well, I'm just hoping I don't die.  It's 26.2 miles people!!!
  • Spiritually:
    • Have those times when you're just tired spiritually?  I feel like that has been the epitome of my last year for a variety of reasons, but the one I keep coming back to is that I'm not devoting enough time to it - I don't make it a priority.  I mean, reading, praying, speaking, acting in the word people.  Know what I mean?  
  • Mentally: 
    • One thing that occurred over break I didn't mention is that grades came in.  They were not pretty.  This is how grading works: schools take the cream of the crop from undergrads, those used to doing really well all the time, and then they punch you in the face come finals time.  There are literally only so many slots for an "A" and when you don't get that after being used to getting it all the time, it is a huge ego dump. Let's be honest here, law school is hard. Think unrequited love - you love your classes, spend a lot of time nurturing them and being with them and then your grades come in and it's like the law dumped you and told you it hated your guts.  It's rude, but fact.  So the goal in all of this?  Do my very best to understand, to prepare, to learn, and if at the end of the semester my grades are the same, well, then I've done my very best, and I can certainly live with that.

This concludes my rant portion of this post.  Never fear, I will return with recipes soon and hope to not drop off the face of the earth for so long again.  Before I go though, what are your resolutions?

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